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When your health is at stake

by Trace / Posted 20/02/2012 / Updated 29/10/2015

I only found this forum today and so many posts brought tears to my eyes and many situations mirrored mine when I thought I was going through this alone. This is my story: I am a UK citizen currently separated from my husband and ´on holiday´ in the Uk with our 5 year old son. The three of us lived in Florida up until November 2011 when I eventually moved out of the marital home and came back to the UK to flee from emotional abuse and get the treatment I needed for severe rheumatoid arthritis. I could not afford the cost of treatment there and endured 2 years of chronic pain. My ex agreed to us coming here for 6 months by signing a permission to travel form. we are due to return to the US in May 2012. However, due to the length of time I waited for medical treatment my condition has worsened to the point that I am on medication which needs constant monitoring for up to a year at least. I have been wanting to come home for the last 2 years as our marriage was at rock bottom, and the isolation of being away from friends and family for the last 7 years has taken its toll. The months before we arrived in the UK, I had suicidal thoughts which I have not shared with anyone. The atmosphere and tension in the house was unbearable and his dad would have no problem arguing in front of our son. I have never suffered from depression until now and feel that my time here in the UK is running out. My son is now in a great school and has adjusted well. I do not want to keep him from his father. I want them to have as much contact as possible but he will not agree to this as he wants to see his child grow up which I can understand. If I return to the US I will not be able to continue with my medication here as i will not be able to continue with the follow up appointments. So I am stuck and dont know where to turn. I will also return to homelessness as my ex said he would help me fund a new apartment but has changed his mind and also I will be jobless. The only thing he cares about is the return of his son but not the welfare of his son´s mother. I am stressing every day which makes my depression and symptoms even worse. The thought of going back is just awful. I wouldnt wish these situations on anyone.

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