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Am I right..?

by Amy / Posted 11/04/2012 / Updated 17/05/2012

Hello all.
I would like some advice please. I am a mother of a 6 month old baby. The father does not have parental responsibility. He is offered to see the baby for one day a week at my flat. He only stays for 2 hours maximum. He just sits there, he never goes near the baby and I am left caring for the baby. He wonīt provide maintenance nor will he give any Christmas/Easter etc presents to the child. He has never fed the baby, changed the nappy, spoke to the baby etc. Every 4 weeks, he asks to hold the baby. He does so for five minutes maximum then tells me to grab the baby. He occasionally looks at the baby for a second.
Anyway, he started sending me solicitors letters wanting more access. (I started off letting him come round for six hours, but he only came for 30 minutes) so thatīs when I upped it to a day. He threatened in his letters to take me to court for a shared residency contact order and for parental responsibility. My solicitor said ignore it as Iīm offering contact which he isnīt really taking and he isnīt showing much commitment in order to get parental responsibility.

Anyway. Long story short:
I have been offered a job in a country in Europe. I really want to go and obviously take my baby. If I decide to go, my parents and sister said they will join me. Basically, can I go? And what access would the father get if I went? He has no bond with the baby, heīs been abusive to me and heīs threatened to harm the child once he gets unsupervised visits. So Iīm conserned. I will admit this has made my decision to want to take the job easier.

I want to promote contact by the way, I just donīt want to hold back on my life.



From ena / Posted: 23/04/2012
ask the court for a permission to leave the country. It´s a hard battle, even he cares not for the child, vanity is a killer, but ask the court for a permission first.

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