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My husband is hiding my sons passport from me

by Konul / Posted 31/05/2012 / Updated 12/04/2013

Hi everybody. I am from non eu country and married to british, we have 2 years old son. my husband doesn´t give the permission to take my son to see his gran abroad. he used to hide my passport now he is hiding my sons and playing with it. i have to "fight" to go for a few weeks to see my mom with my son together. he argues with me about everything what time i go, when and for how long and must come back with him. I feel myself like in prison for last 3 years and my life ended and depends totally on him .he doesn´t let me to put my son on my passport. he keep saying he is british! he applies for visa every time we go which is hard job and he leaves it until last minits. last time when we went i got his passport the day before i bought the ticket, feeling stressed!

we were planning to go in june. he promised to help with flights which 800 GBP as i cant afford with all expensesnces but ended up borrowing the money from his mom for me to pay it back and expecting to take all expensesnces on me! as usually he is late for visa and at this time he is to late so i end up going late on top of it i must come back with him and he cant change his date of holiday for later or to pay the difference 60 pounds for urgent visa blaming me being late. i just had enough of it !I dont feel i am a mother i feel myself as a slave. its so hard to explain what i feel! i miss my mom and my family... he doesnt go with us because he likes my family he goes because its sunny country and he stays there for free just pays for flights. he stays at my moms house argues with everybody, rude back to the peoples jokes, wild , shouts at me in front of the people, unhappy with everything and etc and thats why i hate him going there. .
please please anybody can advice me is any way to take my son with me for a few weeks? if yes how i can do this? he says to me he is gonna consent order to stop me doing it.

Thanks in advice

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