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UK mother returned home with son born in France

by Millie / Posted 11/08/2012 / Updated 12/04/2013

Hello everyone,

I am new to this site, my solicitor told me about Reunite.

My son was born in France last year, however I left when he was six months old due to an abusive relationship and being left in an intolerable position of financial destitution by my ex-partner.

After nine months of trying to mediate with the father of my child via email, almost pleading with him to come and visit our child, he eventually came to see us in July. Arriving with no money and quickly turning abusive, I asked him to leave and a police escort to the train station was necessary. Two weeks later, I was served with papers for abduction and this week found myself at the High Court of Justice in London. Another hearing is scheduled for next month with the final hearing shortly following. I am fully expecting to be sent back to France despite having settled in England with a home, job, my son attends a nursery and is a happy and healthy toddler. We have a stable environment for the first time since my son was born and very strong family support etc none of which I had in France.

I feel completely powerless in this situation and very frightened of the outcome. I never wanted to cut out my sonīs father and actively encouraged contact. However, I can not help but feel that filing under the Hague Convention nine months after I removed our child from France, that my ex-partner is just trying to spite me. He has never asked about the well-being of our son, nor has he financially provided for our son even when we were living together etc. He still believes that there is a chance of us being together and has threatened to commit suicide if I donīt go back to him.

I was just wondering if there are any mothers on this forum in a similar situation and if anybody could share their experiences and also the outcome of their court proceedings.

Thinking of you all, as those who are reading this, mothers and fathers, must all be in a very difficult and upsetting situations. From reading many of your posts, these proceedings seldom seem to have happy outcomes for all concerned.

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