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My 8 year old daughter has turned against me and her dad will not return her!!??

by Sarah / Posted 25/09/2012 / Updated 14/04/2013

I have been trying to get my daughter back from Cyprus but its tuff as she hates me. Why I dont know!
Her dad wanted her to visit for 6 weeks and so did she so I allowed it for her to bond with my ex partner her father.
She says she wants to never see me again. Shes a British citizen Im sure Ill get her back with the courts and ministry helping me. What advice do any mothers have becouse she dose answer Tge phone once aweek and is very rude to me. Saying she will not come back home. Im so confused. Any advice on how to be with her in the mean time ??? Xxxx


From avril / Posted: 22/01/2013
I am in the same situation as yourself My ex husband took my 11 year old daughter to turkey for a holiday, they never returned. My daughter is exactly the same as yours she will not have anything to do with me and was sending me abusive texts. It is over a year now and she will be thirteen next weekend I know how you feel and glad that I am finally contacting someone who knows how I feel would be nice to keep in contact Never give up as I will never give up on my daughter Thinking of you xx
From Phil / Posted: 24/01/2013
Join the club! Parents who alienate their children against the other parent are infact abusing them!
From Brian / Posted: 03/02/2013
At least she is speaking to you on the phone. She has clearly been alienated from you by her father. Take care with solicitors. My daughter was abducted by her mother, and I have not had a conversation with her for three years!
From stepanka / Posted: 06/03/2013
She is being brainwashed by her father. I have had the same experience.
From michelle jata / Posted: 30/03/2013
please dont give up, my situation diff, my ex took my child left uk and left her abroad whilst he came back to uk. Your child no matter loves you, the fact she with her dad she is listening to his views and she will repeat her views in fear of upsetting her dad. i know from experience it just they dads puppets in effect. children in situations like this dont want confrontation and will do anything not to get shouted at, if she rude dont acknowledge ignore try mentiong a favorite cartoon. my daughters love hannah montah try speaking to daughter dont discuss case speak about what she watching tv try to be normal it hard you have to fight tears wait once u have order go see her and she will chnage mind as no matter what she will never forget you. I READ REPORT ON HERE IT UNDER RESEARCH IT HELPED ME ALOT. IT TAKES WHILE BUT WORHT IT TOOK ME 5 HOURS, Imagine how u feel taken away thinking it on a hol listening to crap from dad if you say anything nice about mum dad might shout, you gonna play along, do not take it to heart. never ever think your daughter dont love you. you are the only mum she has ever had
From Sam / Posted: 14/04/2013
Hi, I am going through this at the moment and it is hell. It has been gradual for a few years but my daughter seemed to weather the storm of her fathers constant attempt to alienate her from me. We recently had a great holiday together, never been closer, we get back, she sees her Dad, and boom it all changes in an instant. Firstly she was unbelievably rude, then came the not wanting to speak to me, now its the no contact at all. I have called the police to his house I was that concerned when I couldnt get any contact for anyone there, yet they did nothing. Now I have made a Hague application, but she is being so manipulated that I fear shell be alienated from me for good. I post her letters and parcels all the time but I doubt she gets them. I still try to call every day but nobody answers and he sends me abusive texts in return. My daughter is now 12 and he uses that as an excuse, but she has maturity issues and is about 8 years old in her mind. Plus our relationship was brilliant right up to the point of her seeing him. This is child abuse of the highest order but that evil man will get away with it as the Irish courts refuse to take any notice of his actions. Hopefully karma will get him some day

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