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Human right(Child!!!!)

by Awatif / Posted 14/08/2008 / Updated 16/04/2011

My son was abducted to Syria by his father on the 16 of June , I am fighting for my son´s return, the court and judges making orders against my ex-partner but he seems to find his way arround the british justice system by making appeal against all and every order. note he is abusing legal aid ,he is not paying for private lawyers. I understand he require legal representations by a lawyer but when it is abused, it says something. it breaks my heart to see this happening to my son, been kept away from both parents , a mother who is waiting for her son and a father who droped the child miles away and returned to the UK to carry on with his life as normal. in the mean time I am still waiting for someone, something to happen to help me get my son back. my question is if child abduction is a big human right issue that is happening in the UK. why in the UK there is an increase of child abduction to foreign countries?


From brigid graham / Posted: 29/08/2008
Hi, So sorry to hear of your situation. I sincerely hope that your son will be returned to you soon. To answer your question, there is an increase of child abduction becasue our goverment, politicans and courts dont give a damm.
thinking of you during this difficult time.
From ac / Posted: 14/09/2008
Hi, it is abusive controlling ex-partners that all use children to hurt their former partners. These individuals are weak and pathetic, they don´t abide by rules or regulations because it means they will lose out. Instead of being decent human beings they break the law and completely disregard it. Pathetic governments do nothing to curb this of behaviour and more to the point punish the law abiding poeple who try to do the right things. I believe the British government is amongst the weakest to address this abuse of the law and until they do something positive to help the decent law abiding citizens abduction of children from UK parents will continue!
From Awatif el-Martaoui / Posted: 28/12/2008
please can i get ur email address? I need support. change in the law and governement isn´t going to happen by it self. unless we say enough is enough , we have to act to make it happen any parent is wellcome to contribute. if u want a job done do it ur self. my message to every parent out there don´t give in to court orders, u only defending and protecting ur child/children that the system is letting them down. and it sadeness me that most of the british law can´t deal with international and mixed cultural issues that is happening in the uk lately. thanks 4 the support.
From Anthea / Posted: 06/03/2009
Dear Awatif,
In reality there is no human rights in these cases. For the sake of the children one party (love their child/children most)always has to back off. Globally it´s a taboo subject for most families. Inequality in the legal system. Man vs woman culture based rights play heavily in all cases. People not in our boat do not know what it is like to live in this type of hell on earth. From experience I agree with the above posts. I´ve been in & out of the court system & know first hand that the person with power & $ always ´wins´. Victims like ourself & our children are just another statistic on the legal books. I´ll put my name down to change all parental abduction laws - bring back capital punishment. The bottom line will anyone punish those evil people for the crime they did to us on the spot? As is the legal system is too soft. You get more justice if they were murderers & rapist etc. My Dr´s said it´s hard to change the psyche of narcissistic individuals. I just wish that all abducted children, cut off families & communities will be able to heal from this insane episode. Go figure! Love, Anthea
From julie / Posted: 22/11/2009
I have e mailed in to gordon brown and have asked him to come on the forum and read what parents are going through . i have asked for a change in the law to better protect british born children to whom are born to foreign fathers . and also asked for amber alert to be put into place to help fight against the injustices that are going on here and abroad . i urge all parents to e mail into gordon brown go onto 10 downing street then follow the links to e mail in also i wrote into micheal cashman whom is an mp on european issues and i have the full support from him on this issue , i would urge all worried parents to write in to him thanx julie .
From Awatif / Posted: 23/06/2010
Thank you Julie, we need more parents like you,the government need to hear it from the horses mouth to force changes to the current judicil law about child abduction. I also urge every parent concerned to raise the child abduction issues in the UK themselves to their MPs.thanks again
From Rebecca / Posted: 05/07/2010
There is no easy answer to any of this. As an ´abducting parent´ should I be hung for removing my son from the country we´d moved to when the reason I left was because of domestic violence and abuse? As Anthea says in her post, that would make me an evil person for the crime I´d committed against my ex, as I know he felt very strongly about my actions and wanted me to go to prison for child abduction because of the hurt and pain he felt at having his son taken.
Would the answer lie in a ´full court hearing´ being heard in the country where the child was taken to, so that instead of return orders being made under the HC, at least the ´abducting parent´ would face a trial in the country where they had taken the child to and a decision could be made there and then?, but then again this would also cause hardship, unfairness and bias. There would be the language barrier in some cases, difficulties with corresponding internationally and obtaining evidence, and then with countries with the UAE - well, they always favour the father don´t they?, so again, this is not an answer. I believe some of these problems that parents face is lack of education and understanding in the matter. Perhaps we should introduce this subject at school and let people know that if they get involved with someone from a different nationality and have children and they then split up then the children can´t be taken out of the country they are living in. I believe that Immigration Agencies have a duty to let parents know at the point of applying to migrate that if they move as a family, then the children become habitual residents of their new country and cannot be removed and brought ´home´ if parents later split up. I believe that TV programmes such a ´A New Life Down Under´ and ´Relocation Abroad´ etc have a duty to highlight these issues when encouraging families to migrate. Many of us know that the grass is no greener on the other side and moving to a country with lots of sunshine is not the be-all and-end-all in life. However, it is only when we get into these situations that we learn about the problem, as this is a very ´hidden´ law. It makes me mad when celebrities split up and Madonna just take the kids to America, and now Jordan, aka Katie Price, is thinking of doing the same with her new husband and kids. They obviously don´t know about the HC and that Guy Ritchie and Peter Andre can put their foot down and say ´no you´re not going to take my kids away´. Maybe a high profile case like that is what we need (ie. Jordan going off to America with Alex Reid and the kids, and Peter Andre getting the HC involved for a return order - can you imagine that?) It is a difficult situation for everyone involved as the ´abducting parents´ often have what they believe is a genuine reason for fleeing, and the ´left behind parents´ suffer grief and loss and bewilderment. Education of this matter is the way forward, but how do we go about it? From my own experiences, there is no way that I would have a child with a man from another country!
From Katie / Posted: 06/07/2010
My son was not British born, his father is Arabic. I want to take my son away from him to the UK, however I have been told that would be kidnapping. The courts in this country do not give custody to expat mothers and i would only have the right to see my child until he is 7 at the mosrt, I would also never be allowed to take my child on holiday..ever. So, what choice do I have?

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