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My Turkish ex wants me to take our son to see him in turkey and to get him turkish ID card but i fe

by Kerry Walker / Posted 20/11/2012 / Updated 09/10/2013

Hi all i know there are so many discussions on here about this but iīm struggling to decide what is the right choice. My son is 3 years old, he was born here in the UK and has a UK birth certificate and passport his father is on the birth certificate although he has never been to the UK we signed a statutory deceleration to put him on there,we split up when my son was one but i lived in turkey with him for 4 years previously, I really want my son to know his father, i never want to stop him from seeing him and have asked him endlessly to come to the UK to visit him, he just says there is no point in applying because they wont give him a visa. He always asks me to let him live there with him because he thinks that he can give him a better life than i can, i know he would just be with his grandmother if he lived there not his father. I told him there is no way i can live without him but he can see him when ever he wants. So now he has asked i take him over there on holiday one last time before he tries to come here where he lives in Kemer and to his village (in Karamaranmaras) something tells me that he just wants to get our son in turkey one last time because, that one last time will be all he needs to take him from me. Im so terrified about losing him hes everything to me. has anyone had to make this choice or experienced difficulty with bringing a child back to the UK once they have entered Turkey? kind regards. xx


From Jeanietallentire / Posted: 24/07/2013
Donīt believe that he canīt get a visa if you agree to him coming he has the right to visit his son i I know as we were in the same situation and would no go to turkey we helped my grandsons dad a visa and guess what he visited twice and now he has realised he can no longer manipulate the situation he doesnīt come stick to your guns and insist that heīs welcome to visit his son hereīve
From Norma / Posted: 01/08/2013
Hi Kerry, Hope you didnīt go. I know how it feels when youīre trying to be reasonable and trying to persuade yourself it will be ok. But if you take him to Turkey his father will be able to keep him if he wants to - and heīs already said he wants to.
From Helena / Posted: 09/10/2013
I hope you did not go. I have felt exactly like you and after 15 years of marriage and on our summer vacation to Turkey in June 2013 my husband without telling me a Word applied for divorce and custody and managed to put a stop in the childrenīs passports so here we are still... the divorce/custody process is going on and we are waiting for the Hague process to start. My lawyers tell me it will take 8-9 months and it COSTs a lot!!! I am lucky that I have the Children with me, but I am Always afraid that the will be able to take them and then hide...

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