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Egyptian dad,potential abduction

by Jan / Posted 14/05/2013 / Updated 04/08/2016

Hi , I have been separated for nearly 9 years from my ex.we had an Islamic marriage in uk ,not in a mosque ,it was at my was not carried out by the imam.over the last 6 months he has been hinting that he is going to take the children to Egypt.he has their birth certificates .he has parental responsibility for the eldest 3. They are ,18 , 16 and 15. The youngest 3 he doesnīt as they were born before dec 1982 and cannot get parental responsibility without applying to the courts.i have been told that he could make egyptian passports for them ,behind my back and take them out if the uk with these?any advice would be welcome


From michelle jatta / Posted: 21/06/2013
hi, i have had recent case of wrongful retention and my ex from egypt.
you are correct even low we live in the uk the children are automatically egyptian because of there father. he can get them passports and quite right he can take them out. Please note that even low he has parental responsibility for some does not mean legally he is allowed to take them out i would advise you to speak to reunite, my ex started with hints then took them on a holiday and came back without them it took me 2 years to get them back and i only got them back as he in the uk,if your ex was to go to egypt with kids and did not return to uk from my exoereince you have to start proceedings in the egypt, this is a lengthy process and know one lady has been fighting for over 4 years, please register with reunite and take there advice.
From Norma Withers / Posted: 02/07/2013
Hi Jan,
You donīt say whether the father is named on the birth certificates. You say that the YOUNGER children were born BEFORE 1982, which doesnīt seem right. Anyway, my advice is that your children are at great danger of being taken to Egypt. Heīs hinted he wants to take them and if he really wants to he can - so thereīs no point in trying to find ways to reassure yourself that he couldnīt. You need to take legal advice - speak to the Reunite Advice Line and to a lawyer. Then take the steps they advise to minimise the risks. TAKE THE STEPS. I speak from experience - my ex husband took my two daughters to Libya. One returned AFTER 19 YEARS, the other has made a life for herself but itīs not the one she might have had.Be strong.
From shakira / Posted: 19/10/2014
I am in a similar situation to Jan, separated from an Egyptian for 3 years, I want to know is there any advantages to getting divorced or does that just make the situation more dangerous?

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