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This forum offers parents the opportunity to voice their own experiences of international parental child abduction, and related issues, and to share useful information with others in a similar situation.

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preventing an abduction

by brigid graham(jacqueline) / Posted 29/08/2008 / Updated 13/01/2010

Dear Parents, for the past 8 years i have been protecting my daughter from an abduction to Algeria. I have challenged a scottish legal system which I believe is appalingly draconian and have been threatend with prison several times - but my instinct and determination to protect my daughter has prevailed. My ex and his sister have recently openly admitted to me that the plan was to take my daughter to Algeria. I also recently discovered that my ex is not allowed contact with his other 2 children by his Algerian wife (english courts protect children). The point I am making is dont give up Be strong and determind as it is not illegal to protect one´s child. I am so relived that i did not adhere to any pathetic contact order and i will continue to ignore any other ruling that puts my daughter in any risk. The point i wish to make is only we as parents can prevent abduction - dont rely on courts to do this because sadly the courts are not capable of doing so.


From Jean / Posted: 01/09/2008
Hi, I have just read your post and also find myself in a similar situation regarding contact. Does your daughter have supervised contact now? or no contact?
From maria / Posted: 08/09/2008
Dear Jaqueline,

I am also in a similar situation. How many years, how many court trials, how do courts and enforcement system deal with a parent that KNOWS that visitation equals abduction and acts to protect the child? I would be very greatful if you would share your experience. Were we are located there is no supervised visitation that is securing the childs well being and security which leaves us without a solution for direct access. If you agree please write to me. Reunite has my email details. Warm regards, Maria.
From Jean / Posted: 11/09/2008
Maria please get my email address from reunite.
From brigid graham / Posted: 16/09/2008
Hi Jean. My daughter does not have direct contact. Indirect contact was granted ie photos ect but I stopped adhereing to this a few years ago. I did appear in court maybe for a contempt charge - I dont know what the outcome was (honestly) becasue it also included a hearing for direct contact which the court denied. i think the court knows that I am determind to protect my daughter (after 8yrs). At present i am awaiting a decision as to whether my daughter should be interviewed by a curator (guardian ad litem). However I recently discovered that my ex is not allowed contact with his other 2 children and thereofre I shall not allow my 8yr daughter to be interviewed. The expert witness (psychologist) argued that it was unreasonable for an 8yr old who has never known their father to be interviewed.take care
From Jean / Posted: 18/09/2008
Hi Brigid, I suppose the courts will try to show you have in some way affected your child so that they do not want to have contact with their father? Is that what the other side are trying to use? I think they use psychologists to try as show that? Have u also instructed a psychologist to give evidence that that wouldnt be in your childs interests? x
From msc / Posted: 16/10/2009
im currently trying to stop my ex having non supervised contact, he is a turkish citizen, with leave to remain here, i have been told the courts will not protect my children as i have no "evidence" of abduction, even though he has threatened this while we were together, for the whole of their lives. i believe once he has the money to do it he will, given the oportunity...can HELP me for the future, what do i do if he is granted "visitation unsupervised"
From bm / Posted: 08/11/2009
Hi msc, I dont have much eapperience in these matters but from one mother to another listen to Brigid. I honestly would rather be in contempt of court and get as much publicity highlighting my case rather than allow the threat of losing my child to become a reality. I never knew any of this when I married my husband a tunisian national. I will never rest easy a day in my life knowing I could lose my boy. Comply with your instincts and not a court order. The implications of breaching a court order or having your children abducted I dont ever want to know the feeling of the latter and hope you dont either. My thoughts are with you. Stay strong. xx
From Lisa / Posted: 13/01/2010
Violence I think I will be in same situation soon.
brigid graham could you tell me how do I get indirect contact ruling ?
what evidence they need?

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