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Denied to see my sons

by Zia / Posted 06/12/2013 / Updated 06/12/2013

2 sons, now 7 years and 5 years. Got divorced in 2010 legally through the Dubai Courts. Ex is living in Tanzania with her father and the kids with her. Summer and winter of both 2010 and 2011, kids had spent the holidays with me in Dubai. This involved 3 time myself doing day trips from Dubai to Dar Es Salaam to either pick them up or drop them back to their mother. Early 2012 ex becomes hostile. Tells me to go legal - smart - she obtained a judgement immediately after the divorce in Tanzania without my knowledge whatsoever. I start proceedings in Tanzania to set-aside the illegal ex-parte judgement, she flees to Nairobi, Kenya. I go to Nairobi, took 5 days to find them. Get Kenyan courts involved. Throws the judgement to the court - keeps custody and me limited access. Kenya says clear up with Tanzania. Tanzania case has been ongoing for 18 months and the hearing is yet to still take place as the "corrupt" magistrate is constantly adjourning the hearing or is simply not there ironically during my dates normally. I obtain copy of the proceedings from the 2010. Ex and her lawyer state in court they don´t have my contact details (even though they were in contact with me on phone and email with my postal address in email and i was in Tanzania for a weekend soon as they submitted application). Case from start to complete finish less than 3 months and a total of 3 hearings. Got police in Tanzania involved. Charges have been raised against the ex but arrest warrant is not issued as the same magistrate is not going to do this as she would be in trouble also. Arrest warrant is needed for iNTERPOL to react. Now reported the corruption to the Tanzania Governments anti-corruption bureau. Will see what they say.

Its been 1 year and one month since I have held my kids but thanks to Kenya courts (not amazingly helpful) but managed to obtain orders to be in communication including skype.

Oh forgot to state that the kids also are both born Brits as I am. Ex was Tanzania passport but after marriage got brit passport - Tanzania law states on acquisition of 2nd passport you cease to have Tanzania passport or citizenship. So she been living in Tanzania hiding her British passport and obtains for the kids in their british passports DUAL nationality stamps, when especially on the seconds sons birth certificate it clearly states that both parents nationality being Brits.

Seems unless you have millions, no one is prepared to do anything.

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