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Almost 3 years. What is the Hague Convention for?

by Capella / Posted 25/09/2008 / Updated 24/12/2009

I have applied for contact via the Hague Convention. I was told that it could still take some time before anything was resolved but things are more ridiculous than ever. The Danish authorities have left my application on someones desk for 2 months without doing anything and have ceased communicating with the Official Solicitor in London for 2 months. All I have been waiting for is a date for me to go and see my daughter. How ridiculous is this. Human error!!!!! How on earth can I complain to the Hague about this. The law needs to be changed. No parent should be excluded from their child´s life. It should be as illegal and worthy of a 4 year prison sentence as normal kidnap is.


From Phil / Posted: 10/10/2008
I totally agree.
I applied via the MOJ in London around April .
I am still waiting for a reply from Spain .
From Harry / Posted: 12/12/2008
The law doesnīt need to be changed, because the authorities have to respond quickly.
You could complain on an european level. I am not sure where but that canīt be hard to find out. (ask reunite)
From Andy / Posted: 29/12/2008
I applied for the return of my (now 2 yr old) son from Slovakia to UK in Sept 2007. The case came to court quickly and his return was ordered in Dec 07. An appeal against this was subsequently rejected in March 2008. 9 months on from that decision, NO steps have been taken by Slovakia to enforce the return order, and the authorities there cannot say what the enforcement process is, or how long it will take. In the meantime I havenīt seen my son - my wife ignores my requestes to see him and it is quite clear that she is alienating him from me. I have no doubt that she will not be teaching him any English.

Everybody keeps telling me I have to be patient and wait, which I am trying to do, but it is very frustrating.

What is the point of the HC if there is no means of forcing signatories to act within a reasonable amount of time?

The only avenue open to me would appear to be the European Court of Human rights - that will take at least a year to be heard, probably much longer. I guess I ought to at least make an application, as time does seem to be flying by and it could easily be another year before anything starts to happen in Slovakia on its own accord.
From Awatif el-Martaoui / Posted: 29/12/2008
well my heart goes to you and every parent who has faith in the legal system. I agree with Harry law exist , itīs just human canīt be bodered to apply it and do a decent job. all existing laws and convention proved that they are not working when it comes to child abduction and they are useless. parents have to realise that all the existing bureaucracy and the new one they are going to be invented are no use unless it is inforced and make the parent pay for the crime/action they committed or at least give every parent the right to be involved in the life of their child. as you see I am in the same boat as every parent who their child/children been abducted by a parent to another country. I tried to get my son back but when I realised that it is impossible, I turned into researching what is wrong in this country and I started dealing with the situation in a different way instead of finding how to get my son back I am working very hard to find a way of changing the existing law and to ask the government to inforce it. all parents have to work togother to get the justice they deserve.
From Anthea / Posted: 22/06/2009
Ditto to the above posts. HC is not the answer to our problems. The only way any valuable law can work is when those Luciferīs stop their evil deeds over their victims forever. Unless globally capital punishment & a child abduction register is upheld; the only solace we cut off individuals have is these evil people will eternally burn in hell. All we can do now is pray for the safety of our children so that one day theyīll find us ASAP. Weīve to stay sane. Fight for our rights against those powerful parties.Eg. join see facebook causes: Stop Hague Child Abduction Court Rulings that Reward Abductors
To Stop Judges rewarding abductors in child abduction cases and educate Judges in recognising Parental Alienation Syndrome By,Laurence De Mello.
Take care.
From jackie / Posted: 01/08/2009
Its thanks to mothers like these that make all our lives difficult when parents live in different countries, do they not understand that children are not a possession, it took 2 to bring them into this world 2 to bring them up no matter where they live. My ex lives in Australia and I live in the uk he has 4 weeks contact in Australia and 3 weeks in the UK at Xmas, they chat on skype and text and call each other, well lets say when he remembers. My daughter has had no physical contact with her father since August 2008 as he failed to return her after his 4 weeks contact, he did not take up his contact at xmas and now where back to August and he wants me to send her to Australia again, I have declined and offered him the contact in the Uk, I have now received a fully custody request. He has reacted this way as i guess he reads about mothers like yours and thanks to them my daughters life is going to be dragged through a court case and she will not only lose her physical contact with her father for now but who knows how their emotional relationship will end up through this. Our children love both parents, just because we dont love each other please dont let your children lose love for a parent, how would the mother like it if the shoe was on the other foot. Good luck and i live in hope mothers stop this behaviour and this will then stop fathers behaving in what seems to be a vindictive way. I have been adivised all orders made in Australia are not enforceable in the Uk, So is that the same for the UK? we spend a fortune on legal fees for them to be not worth the paper they are written on. This current rule wil benefit me if orders are made in Australia but not the father, are your orders beneficial in your childrens countries??? It stinks thats all i can say
From kevin / Posted: 29/10/2009
I also applied the London office for the Hague convention the guy there didn’t send all the correct papers to the other office, and when he came back from his holidays I had to chase him for a response, it was only then that he realised that the application was still on his desk and its still been SEVEN months since I have had contact with my son .
From Mandy Jayne Mannion / Posted: 30/11/2009
Are there any Fathers whose child/ren have been abducted or wrongfully retained by their foreign Mothers who would be interested in a support group? I ask as my Brother finds himself in the same situation and I am sure talking to others with the same problems would be helpful.
I dont think I am allowed to post my email address but am happy for it to be passed on to anyone who is interested.

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