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Can i get my son to the UK

by michael / Posted 08/05/2014 / Updated 01/06/2014

I was prevented from having contact of my Belgian born (2003) son by his Belgian mother for almost all of his life!

Eventually the Juvenille court here in Antwerp awarded me temporary custody in August 2013! My son now lives with me here full time and visits his mother for 2 hours every two weeks in a contact centre!

My sons mother had well documented problems wit drugs and alcohol and violence that eventually resulted in her seriously assaulting my son last year!

The whole time i have had to fight to get the authorities here to recognise the serious issues and protect my son! Time and time again they failed and my son was put in danger, even being allowed to leave to Mexico in 2008 where they stayed for 3 years!

Now i can finally protect my son, but i have no financial help whatsoever! I (and my son) are living with the consequences of the decisions of the authorities and because i am an EU citizen i can not claim emergency financial aid!

I can and have many times returned to the UK with my son for holidays, but i must ask permission from the Judge and i will not get permission to leave permanently as we would have to return every two weeks for the visits!

It is unlikely the visits with his mother will develop from the 2 hours as her issues are still very serious!

My son would love to live in the UK and for the moment i am trying all i can to survive, but i am getting more and more in debt and i fear that eventually my son will be taken into care if i ca no longer afford to be here... i have no safety net!

Can my son choose not to see his mum? Can he choose to leave Belgium? Can i get UK citizenship for my son?

I am alone here, no support network and all of my family and friends in the UK! We need to leave Belgium to survive!

If i had the funds i would claim damages from the Belgian authorities and demand that they take care of us! This of course is just a pipe dream!


From Dave / Posted: 01/06/2014
Hi Michael,if you are a UK citizen your child will automatically have the same. My son has dual nationality having been born into a dual relationship. In this case UK and USA. The main part I have found were courts take into account the childs needs is if habitual residence has been established and could cause distress from a move. If you have not all ready done so I would advise contacting the main Reunite office and seek their advice, they are very helpful. It is always best to be armed with the correct information before making an approach to the courts.

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