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EU,Fear of further erosion of rights to protect your child

by Michael / Posted 06/11/2014 / Updated 19/08/2015

I donīt often write in forums, but i am interested in hearing feelings from anybody who may have the same fears, points of view or even agree completely with what is happening!

I have fought for 11 years to have access and protect my son from a very dangerous situation! It is a long story, but eventually after sacrificing everything i now have my son with me here in Belgium!.. But i do not have the right to leave!..Even after the serious abuse my son went through, i cannot have Parental responsibility!.. The only reason that i am still here is because of the financial support of my family because as an EU citizen i am expected to return to my own country for emergency financial help! (that E.U law came in 2 years age).

My son is now extremely happy and safe! He must visit his mum at a contact centre for 2 hours every 2 weeks!.. There is very little chance that this will ever be extended due to the violent nature of his abuse!

All of my complaints, reports, evidence to the Belgian authorities over the years were without any value! Social workers remain on the path of complete impartiality and action is only taken when serious incidents occur that are witnessed by authority!

I have lived with the consequences of the family laws and social care systems here in Belgium favouring and supporting the mothers rights and the rights of it’s own citizen over that of the child and myself the British father.

The laws and systems have been so blind and toothless in identifying the truth!

Because of this my son was repeatedly left vulnerable and in danger when in fact the purpose of the laws and systems were to protect and ensure that a child in not put in danger or harms way!

We are living in a society i believe where the laws of Europe are gradually closing in on us without us realising!

My experience here has shown me that there are no grey areas in law! The path of the law is followed and there is no diverting from it’s course however ridiculous that is! There is no negotiating and no flexibility!

The idea’s of freedom of movement within the EU and the laws of freedom of movement are being attacked and this will have a massive impact on other area’s especially family law!

Even without this change in shift of attitude things are bad, but they will get worse! For anybody, any parent that has a child who is registered born in another EU country that you know is being abused, neglected or that you are simply being prevented from having a meaningful relationship with, your future prospects will not look bright!

It is the opposite direction we should be looking to as citizens of a European Union, to protect and care for all of our citizens starting with it’s children, it’s future!


From Chris / Posted: 19/12/2014
Dear Michael,

I couldnīt agree more and I have the same fears.

I very much would like to write more on the subject, but Iīm still in the middle (or at the start) of what could be a very long similar battle here in Belgium and unfortunately have grown paranoid of expressing any extended views publicly and sharing my story at this stage.

Itīs good to read you have been heard eventually, although I canīt begin to imagine what your son and you have had to endure for over more than a decade.

From cammie / Posted: 04/07/2015
I agree so much! I had an battle in Belgium and would love to write more. Please contact me if you wish? You can get through this! I did on two different abductions. It is hard. So hard and difficult. Contact me if you wish? Believe!!
From Cammie / Posted: 19/08/2015
Dear Michael and Chris

I regularly check your post in the hope that we can read you are making progress or that your case would have been resolved. That would be wonderful!

The other day I was reminded by my children of my terribly īdangerousī closing paragraph in every bundle I had to compile between 1999 and 2004 for each meeting and multiple hearings in many Courts in Belgium to retrieve my children up to and including the Court of Appeal.
As this is a matter of public record, I would love to share it with you.

"It is my considered opinion, based upon my experience with the Social Care Systems, Official Organisations and the various Courts these past years that:

The Social Care System is a "science" of vague assumptions,
based on debatable practices
from inconclusive information
performed with data of problematical accuracy
by persons of doubtful reliability
and of questionable mentality.
It is now in your hands to prove the contrary!
Most respectfully yours."

The haunting memory of the Belgian System will be my epitaph. But it can be conquered. Remain strong. We are rooting for you. !!

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