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uk to usa 3 and 6 taken then wrongfully retained in usa

by dianen / Posted 04/01/2015 / Updated 13/01/2015

I want to scream from the roof tops what he has done but it seems I canīt say anything, it has been 15 months and I finally get to see my children now 4 and 7.

There father is a us citizen in southern california we are married 4 years ago it was forced I did it to help him be in the uk. He was never there for me for any pregnancy or birth he would visit the uk once a year to see the kids. I always try to help him. When he has issues with the irs he said it would help tax wise to make our children us citizens so I did as he had already been bankrupt. Just so stupid of me. He has had cancer now 4 times and is 400lbs. I have tried to be amicable with him and help him be with our kids in the uk as I grew up without a father and knew how that felt.

But his plan all along was to take the children from me. He never cared about me even when they would of abored our baby at 21 weeks because I was so ill with hyperemis I didnīt allow that though I carried with my families help and my uk ex partner that has been like a dad to our Lil ones I have an older child with him and we have no issues parenting.

Anyway roll back to the September before my older teen son had been extremely ill nearly died and we were going back and forth to hospital any way the us ex as I will call him went on and on about taking our Lil ones on holiday and it would give me a break. So alot was going on and I agreed. He didnīt have his own home at the time he lived with his sister so I felt confident that they would be well cared for she is a good mum.

So stupid enough I allowed this well I thought I had to trust him. I do have a document stating he will never take custody of our children.

Once there over there I phone his sister and she is angry saying he has been spending all his money on guns and I then ask for the first time for my Lil ones to be returned he refuses and I know he is now going to not allow them home. I had never been parted from my children before. The grief I canīt explain the pain but it is like being torn apart slowly from the inside. I had a solicitor fail me with the haughe. And then the parental alienation begun I was never allowed to even speak with my children he sold xmas presents I sent he allowed our Lil girl to phone 3am uk time leaving a msg then refused to answer his phone and emails for 6 weeks even my uk tried but no reply so my children thought Iīd abandone them. I just couldnīt believe what was happening I did phone the police in the us to try and find out what was happening to them omg that ended up getting a reply apparently not happy about that. His sister threw him out and called the police on him for trying to kill one of their dogs. Just donīt understand the mentality of any of this he tells me my kids donīt need me and they are better off with out me.

He is a mean selfish person acts like he has full custody I never gave him that acts likes I have no rights. I am in the us on a visitors visa but he threatens to kick me out all the time.

There are things going on here that are not right I mean with him and the children but I canīt tell anyone for fear of being kicked out. I did call police once because he was violent and aggressive he does that and in front of the children. I am in southern california with a non working phone and I do not drive presently so stuck.

Both children were born in the uk whatīs the chances of me getting them home. He has no family support and his 4th dose of cancer he will not bother to lose weight as he has been advise to but he just keeps piling it on 400lbs and 5ī6 he sleeps with my Lil ones takes norco I think he is addicted to that. I am just here I try to protect my children But am also helpless.

I really need some help in now what to do.

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