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Never the same again...

by Amanda / Posted 25/09/2015 / Updated 16/10/2015

None of my family will ever be the same again. I have 4 children by 2 different fathers. We are all British and up until 41 days ago we all lived in Luxembourg.We are all British. The father of my last 2 children didnt return them to Luxembourg at the end of his allowed summer holidays. I have not spoken to them for 41 days now. Since he took them on the 15th August.
I have been locked in a horrible divorce since 2008, whereby my ex would change lawyer as soon as a judge was about to make a decision, the judge would then give the new lawyer time to get to know the case, then out of nowhere came a new line of attack.
Their father lost his job, he was evicted from his apartment, couch surfed, a new court order was put in place that he couldnīt have the children overnight, except on school holidays as he would take them back to family in the UK.
He has been using parental alienation since my eldest was 10/11, I found sms messages between them saying I was lazy...ugly....many other things.
How can I be lazy with working a 40hr week and being a single parent?
Yet we are all now to suffer his inability to interact as a responsible parent. No reasonable adult would take children away from all that they know and pretend its ok. Because it isnīt, it is cruel and it is child abuse.
I am left with my imaginations only of what lies and pretense he is telling them for me not having contact with them. This is my torture, my imagination...I wish it would stop, but it wont until I have them back, and if this is my adult brains imagination, what must it be like for a child? This is something which can never be undone. I have filed with ICACU and I wait...but the longer this goes on the longer they will think that I dont care? That I no longer want them? Can he undo their love for me with his lies? Again my thoughts bring me to my knees...
I have to hope that ICACU will get this to court quickly, they will allow me to contact my children, perhaps get to the UK and see them? First they have to find him...I hope that they are with him, or has he left them with his family?
All I have left is hope, but that is not an endless bucket....

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