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by Bill / Posted 22/10/2008 / Updated 11/06/2009

I am undergoing a potentially very acrimonious divorce in Spain even though I live in UK.
As usual with these cases the main points of conflict are child access ( my wife has unofficial custody in Spain) and child maintenance .
Can anyone suggest a good lawyer, who has obtained for them a satisfactory outcome at a reasonable cost,(I am limited to funds).
I doubt if any company could be named on this forum but you may be able to say if it was from ´Reunite´ listings etc, in contrast if you feel like a law firm has NOT been satisfactory and is on the list please let me know .


From Sarah Bangle / Posted: 03/11/2008
I am using the solicitor recommended by Reunite but have only just started and am extremely concerned as to the costs involved. Another lady on this forum is using the Ministry of Justice in Spain and I have asked her if they charge or if it is the central solicitor for Spain? Look on the forum about her son - her name is Mandy.
From pete / Posted: 13/04/2009
hi bill and sarah,
i am also going through a divorce in spain, and my wife is trying to take my son to live in bulgaria, i am using a local lawyer but he speaks no english, and twice now he has not came to court and left me in it.
the problem with the lawyers recomended by reunite is they are out of my reach financialy, i would like to get in touch with you both, maybe we could help each other with advice?
regards pete.
From Bill / Posted: 18/05/2009
Hi to Sarah and Pete.
It seems that we are all in a similar situation.
Pete my situation seems so similar to yours as my procudore did not turn up to the court (still do not know what these people do).
To be honest I was going CRAZY with worry but I have now reluctanly resigned myself to what will be will be.
I guess your wife is Spanish?
I could be very critical of Spain here however perhaps this is not the right place to do so ,however if you would like to discuss matters then please contact me .I would love to be able to have a conversation with someone who is experincing the same as what I am .

From liz / Posted: 11/06/2009
hi to bill, pete.
Firstly a procudore is a barrister. They should be handling all the paperwork with regards to your case. He or she would be working together with your solicitor. Cant understand why you have engaged one that dose not speak English. Maybe thats why they did´nt turn up in court. Go to your nearest british consul and they will have a list of English speaking solicitors. A typical cost for a contested divorce where custody is concern can be around 4.000eurs spain the father has equal rights to apply for custody as well as the mother. l went through hell with my ex husband who applied for custody in order to gain the house. in the end it cost me around 6.000eurs. My written spanish and speaking spanish is good, but my solicitor insisted that i had an inteprutor. You have to be in court yourself and it can be quiet frighting especially as you are abroad. What you have to remember is that you are fighting for the rights to see your children and to have contact with them on a regular basis. The only person that can get this across well is a solicitor and yourself. if they are not doing the job right get rid of them. In England you would,nt employ a person to do a job for you if you did,nt understand what was being said, so it makes sense not to do it in another country.

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