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My wife awakes from a coma and leaves me.....

by Darrell Emery / Posted 25/03/2016 / Updated 29/04/2016

My son was born in Australia. When he was 3 months old we decided (my wife and i) to travel to move to England as my wife´s family reside there and are quite established. This decision was made in the best interests of our son. After nearly six months I had to return to Australia due to visa requirements and to apply for a spousal visa. Soon after I returned my wife collapsed and was rushed to hospital then placed into a induced coma for several weeks. This was due to her pancreas and gallbladder becoming twisted during childbirth. My wife should of died... the doctor´s and nurses all cried when she awoke. They had pumped her with that many drugs during her induced coma they were 98percent certain she would have severe brain damage if she woke. During this period my in-laws refused to help me return to my dying wife... absolutely devastating... a few days after awaking my wife suffered some sort of breakdown. She had been screaming out for me and could not understand why I was not there. She then cut of all contact with me and has wiped me from her life. As I was in Australia and required to show I was being supported by my wife for visa requirements I had no way of returning with my own funds all of which were in England.... I am distraught even 3 months later. I have managed to engage the services of a mediator which has so far been ignored. I have now no recourse but to attempt to gain access to our son through the courts... this is so expensive. I have been advised to return to England but am at the moment struggling to save a cent for airfares let alone lawyers. And then I cannot even work in England.... can anyone give me advice.???? I feel helpless.

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