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Worried about Moroccan father taking baby out of UK

by Elmira / Posted 04/08/2016 / Updated 04/09/2017

I´m a British national, married to a Moroccan man and we have a young baby. We live in the UK. During an argument several months ago, my husband threatened to take our baby to Morocco and keep him there if I divorce him. He later apologised and said he was "only joking" but obviously I have been worried about it ever since. The police in the UK have told me there´s nothing they could do to stop him taking the baby to Morocco against my wishes because he´s named on the birth certificate, has equal parental responsibility and there´s no court order against him. The police said it would be a civil dispute between us. My husband doesn´t know much about UK law so I have successfully made him believe that I´ve had a "block" placed on baby´s passport that would make him get stopped, detained and arrested at the border IF trying to take baby out of the country. I haven´t really been able to do that but husband seems to believe me. Baby only has a UK passport and I always keep it with me. Planning to give it to a friend who will hide it in her house, along with baby´s birth certificate. Any other advice? Anybody on this forum with experience of children being taken to Morocco or what to do if they are?


From El / Posted: 05/07/2017
I can´t really give much advice but my ex-husband is Moroccan as well and we have a son who he´s never met but I have all the same concerns as you have. You can apply to the passport office here to stop a second passport being issued but you can´t stop the Moroccan Embassy issuing one of theirs and as you know it´s very easy for your husband to get a copy of the Birth Certificate, anyone can get that after all. Ironically the guy who helped me get married over there has a sister and her children were abducted internally over there by their father. The Police know where they are but he´s paying them not to tell her, corruption is a reality I guess. My best advice is don´t let him be alone with your child I realize that´s very difficult if he is living with you but if you separate, or have separated by now, get these concerns logged with your legal adviser so they can put forward a stronger case for supervised contact

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