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Not done fighting for my children

by David S / Posted 27/08/2016 / Updated 27/08/2016

My ex-wife, Shirley, abducted my daughter and step son in June 2007 and took them from Colorado, USA to Australia. I tried in vain to convince her to return with the children but, it soon became apparent that she was not going to do so. On the day of the abduction, I contacted the local police and informed them of what happened and they needed to find her. I was told that there was nothing they could do because, there is no law preventing her from leaving the country with the children. She could simply say that she was going on holiday with them and “we can’t stop her”. “Besides, if you know they are with their mother and where they are then, they are not missing”. Later, I found out that the term for what she did was International Parental Abduction and it is a crime that law enforcement could have prevented. In the early days of the abduction, I believed that Shirley would do the right thing and bring the children home but, I was wrong. I filed for divorce and continued praying that I would be reunited with them again soon. The days turned into weeks and then months before I was able to find out that I could file an application of return through the Hague Convention. I believed that our police, the Hague Convention and our local Court system, wouldn´t abandon me. I was sure they´d take necessary actions to locate my children and bring them home. It would take a year and a half for their return home and I was able to have visitation time with them for about 1 week before the Judge made his ruling. In the end, the local District Court decided that because, the children were gone so long, it was in their Best Interests to remain with their mother and return to Australia and allow me visitation. It’s now been 7 years since I have been able to speak with them and nearly 4 years since, a Colorado Judge reversed the Order and granted me Sole Parental Responsibilities. Shirley was ordered to return the children but, to this day she has refused to do so. I am desperately trying to bring my children home finally after all these years and let them know that they have a father who loves and cares about them and has never stopped thinking about them. After spending tens of thousands of dollars, I now need your help in bringing them home again. This will help with the legal costs, transportation and more. Don’t let my children suffer more than they already have. Children need their Dads. Please share this page

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