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American court and removal travesty

by catherine / Posted 10/11/2008 / Updated 31/05/2011

I have been poorly represented in a court in Illinois on Oct 21st. I Even though tehcourt ruled I was the primary caregiver and the children were extremely binded to me. They should stay in the US as they are american citizens. I had provided a plan for them to visit their father and opened up my homne for him to visit our home in London without my presence 6 times per year. I even offered to pay for his flight once a twice a year. In return I have nothing no contact even though the court was supposed to have drwn up an agreement it was nwever done. My ex husband (divorced 2.5 years ago) is now punishing me through our children. My girls are distressed and cannot beleive they cannot live with me. They have dual nationality. The lawyers just want me to finish paying them and appear to have lost interest.
What can I do over here to help this situation so at least they have regular private contact with me. He intimidates them and says I have abandoned them and they will never live with me again even if I can return to the USA to live. I have had to have 6 week periods away from them Ive had to come home to the UK for financial, wok prospects and an ailing elderly mother. I value the relationship our children have with their father but he is not recipricating and is emotionally abusing our children and attempting to alienate them from me. We have such a strong bond this could never happen but it will damage them emotionally. I may be able to get them here for xmas for 2 weeks. It is back and forth at the moment I am not sure. Has anyone had anything like this happen to them like this. Thanks.


From alan truelove / Posted: 04/08/2009
The US is the obvious best home for yr children-- you should make a legal agreement (filed with the courts) to have them visit you once or twice a year for reasonable periods. (With arbitration clause if any problem, to save cash). At a suitable age (say, 14) each child can express wishes. Education can take place in either or both countries. This is the best you can hope for. Good luck.
From jane / Posted: 27/02/2011
I just want to add, how can you say the US is the best place for her children? Im guessing your from the usa? catherine if you get this message reply and let me know how things have worked out since your post
From jane / Posted: 28/02/2011
hi catherine, Have you suffered any consequences that are based solely on you leaving your children? I am in the usa trying to get back to the uk but in order to fund the case I will need to return to the uk to work. I dont know what will go against me more, leaving her or staying and trying to work? I dont want them saying, well you left her so you dont care or your working in the usa now so why do you need to go home.
From PJ / Posted: 08/03/2011
Honestly Alan, the US is "obviously" the best place due to what?

Can I ask some questions as I may be in a similar position. Were the kids born in the US and you moved here? Did you split from your husband before you moved?
From NH / Posted: 31/05/2011
"They should stay in the US as they are american citizens"... is an example of anti-alien bias.
A custody hearing needs to decide on the merits of sole or joint custody, not underlying citizenship.
Without further details difficult to say, as does not appear to be Hague International Child Abduction, unless there is more.

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