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by g / Posted 21/11/2008 / Updated 27/05/2014

Married for 13 yrs 2 boys 9 and 5 been wanting to get out of the marriage since 2nd child, mentally abusive. Finally started proceedings and have just started mediation, however husband asked me if there was anything legally i could do to stop him getting egyptian passports for the boys. Have had fear he would do something for a long time as comments made. Also he tried to get money from equity to send back to egypt to buy land for our future (yeah right). I think he has sent money recently as he has done lots of over time also has taken a large loan out which he says has gone on gambling. The boys although I believe he manipulates them love him. I really do not know what to do and fed up of being drained and manipulated, and donīt know what to do. I have tried been reasonable to keep peace for the sake of the children, also why i havenīt issued occupational order and non molestation order. Have already caught him telling them things to make himself look better. Am fed up and canīt sleep and fear the worse that i will lose my children. Also i stated to him that he wasnīt to take the children if he did he could go to jail as a criminal offense.


From shereen / Posted: 09/12/2008
hey g,

Pls ask reunite 4 my email address I would b more than happy 2 support u through this and just talk it through in general. I have been in a similar position- well kind of.
From MP / Posted: 23/12/2008
Hi G,
Get out now,he is trying to wear you down, I believe he is going to take your children. get out now. My Lebanese husband did the same thing to me. I had 3 boys, one girl. I was married for 12 years. If you want to email me please do.
From Elizabeth / Posted: 07/05/2014
Hi, I went to live in Egypt last year. My husband promised if I didnīt like it there that I could bring my children- 3 & 8 back with me. I left after 6 mths, i didnīt like it atall. I couldnīt take my son. I went back for 3 mths with my daughter and tried to get my son too, again I wasnīt allowed to bring him back, only my daughter. My husband hid my sonīs passport. I think now I was very lucky he didnīt stop me or my daughter. I am trying to stay hopeful. My solicitor says if I get legal aid, she can order a court order to get my son back on the grounds he promised I could bring both kids back if I didnīt like it there. Has anyone heard success stories of getting kids back from Egypt/Arab countries? Anyone have similar experiences and want to talk?
From Shereen / Posted: 27/05/2014
Hey Elizabeth,

I dont m ind talking if you want to request my email address from reunite pls do xx

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