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When the Hague does not work any no one cares

by Peter / Posted 08/12/2017 / Updated 21/02/2018

My daughter was abducted August 2016.. I have court orders here and in Russia, even the Moscow Supreme court refused to hear an appeal to over turn the order. The authorities where she is do everything to stop the order, they actively work against it.
What does anyone other than my lawyers do? NOTHING.
The UK Gov, do NOTHING, "we cannot intervene in the legal affairs of another country" yet in the media you see it almost every week, sticking their noses in, but for my daughter the could not care.
It is a fact that I will never see my daughter ever again, her life in the UK is being wiped out, last Christmas I was told I could speak to her if I paid her mother. Her mother cares nothing for this little girls future, she isn´t even there looking after her she is 000s of miles away. she simply decreed she is staying here "I will sacrifice my career My savings and XXXXX´s future, but she is not returning to the UK. Why because that is how her and her family are, if they say it it will happen and they will do anything to make sure that is the case, they threaten people and it happens. 12 months without schooling, locked in a 5th floor apartment, no books or toys, only those she took on a two week holiday, 18" of her hair cut off, what for to show her she was no longer in the UK and will do what she is told. I saw her (in between being assaulted and my lawyer and her family threatened, subjected to barrages of verbal abuse in front of Police and court Officials who looked away, smiled then said they never heard anything) and she was afraid, thin and had bruises on her arms, terrified to say anything, missing her friends and her toys and her life. She was 2 years ahead of her class in a really good school, the school said she was an amazing child, her future would be what she wanted.. now she has been placed in a class 2 years lower with no hope of escape. I have spent so much been through so much, 17months wasted effort... for what??
If I had my chance again, I would not use the Hague, I would simply pay a team to extract her, you will find no support amongst the Government, consulates or even the Police or Social Services, I have had to fight against ignorance, apathy and total lack of knowledge from every authority in the UK.
So what was it all for???
Perhaps something will change, but I doubt it, a Government that claim to care about children, they only care about anything if it furthers their careers or gains them publicity.
I was told by someone close to the Foreign Secretary, something would be done if I allowed the press to splash my daughter all over the media, I was even told contact would be provided to do that, I will not allow that, even though she has been paraded on tv in an interview and used as bait to try to trap me into an interview by her mother and a tv crew... and who cares about that.. no one in authority in the UK...
Is the law only upheld if you allow it to be all over the media....
If you read this .. write to your MP and ask them why they do nothing and they will do nothing to uphold an agreement signed by the UK why they cannot say anything....
I would love to publish a book called "650 People who cannot or will not do anything to support left behind parents" it would have 650 Pages of the replies from every member of the House of commons saying how they sympathise but "sorry we cannot intervene in the legal affairs of another country"...
To get round the Hague, people simply do not have to return a child, and if they threaten or know the local authorities no one will do anything, even the Central authority in the UK do not now their own remit regarding their responsibilities, and the Central authority in Russia mis inform the UK authorities.. No one seems to know the meaning of the word "expeditious" which is all through the Hague agreement, it should be redefined as "as and when we can be bothered".

that´s my experience of the Hague.

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