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This forum offers parents the opportunity to voice their own experiences of international parental child abduction, and related issues, and to share useful information with others in a similar situation.

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by Phil / Posted 16/12/2008 / Updated 10/03/2010

Hi Marjie.
It was interesting reading your submission.
I could identify with much of what you said especially the last bit about falling in love with your neighbour.
I married a Spaniard and like you suffered much at her temperament.
I wish I had never married her and feel so sad for my young daughter who now lives with her mother in Spain and who (according to her mother) does not want to see me.
However no reason is ever given for this.
I fully understand (more than most ) how sad life has become.
Thanks for your best wishes I think that all on this forum need them.


From Daniel / Posted: 06/01/2010
hello, im sorry to hear about your situation. I am in a similar one. I married an Argentinian after meeting her in spain. after she fell pregnant she wanted to go back so i did. and i have fought everyday for the last year to make it work. however it hasnt. We make an agreement that my son could come back to London for a few weeks every year and i could visit him here, no i can only come here! its horrible. I dont want to fight with her but i feel now i have no choice. I would love to help you in any way possible, if only for a chat and so that you know you are not alone.
From Lord Protector / Posted: 10/03/2010
Hi, Gents,

First I owe Phil a massive apology.
You sent me a really nice email and I then lost it and was unable to reply. I only founf this thread by chance. Im really ever so sorry. If you still have my email address, please do drop me a line and lets talk. Ill give you my number and we can talk much more easily.
Toy you both, I owe a debt of thanks for having had the courage to share you situations with us online. Believe it or not, the information you put up on the forum was a great help in helping me summon the courage begin my divorce proceedings and take the responsibility for changing the situation Im in.
I took out a court order to stop my boys mom from pulling a sudden runner move to Japan. She is furious and probably regretting pusshing me to the edge. There is no way I would take the risk of letting her take them to Japan now since it is a non-Hague country and I would never see my precious sons again.
Just like Phil, Ive had to deal with enough temperamental issues with my wife and too many veiled threats to live in any real comfort.
I dont know where my bettles will take me but I will at least not merely just give up my boys and will hopefully have a chance to properly talk with them someday and give them my side of the story. If I win, great! Me and my boys will be fine and they will grow in peace and safety. If I lose, I will hurt forever but I would not have merely been taken to the cleaners.
People like you who have passed through the fires have given me enough information that has (I very much believe) made me act in time to prevent their abduction. I will always be grateful for it. I dont know what I can do to help you but I will if I can.
Thanks again, Gents.

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