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Should I be concerned?

by Julie / Posted 26/02/2009 / Updated 13/01/2010

A friend of mine has a child with an African man. Their relationship has ended, but just recently she found out by chance that he has ordered some papers from his country´s embassy with the child´s name on them. The papers do not have a photo on them, but they look official. What could they be and what their purpose could be? He has threatened her with kidnapping their child to his country.


From Awatif / Posted: 01/03/2009
Well it sound like the father is getting ready for abduction, tell ur friend to ask reunite to help her prevent child abduction and to be prepared at all times, never leave her child with the father alone at any circumstances. because as soon as he gets the opportunity , u can tell ur friend to kiss goodbye to the child. child abduction happen to parents who least expect it .good luck to ur firend and I wish her success in what i failed to achieve.
From Norma / Posted: 04/03/2009
You are right to be concerned. Which document has no photo on? A birth certificate! And with a birth certificate, he can get the child onto his passport - not all countries require a separate passport for a child, and the child´s photo is not needed on his parent´s passport.
From Norma / Posted: 04/03/2009
No one ever regretted taking those sort of threats seriously. It´s the people like me who lose their children and have to live with their regrets - for 20 years and more. Support your friend - and make her understand how serious this is!
From fiona / Posted: 06/03/2009
Hi Norma is that true for Turkey do you know? or does anyone know? cheers.
From Gina / Posted: 06/03/2009
I agree with what has been said but the law in this country and social workers often take a different view and all common sense is thrown out of the window. They blame the mother for anxiety and over reacting! It´s a very fine balance to protect your child. Its crazy because so little is known on this subject in contact centres etc.
From Julie / Posted: 07/03/2009
Thank you for your comments, especially about the birth certificate! That is good to know, and I will tell my friend about it, too. I think initially she did not seem very concerned, probably because she didn´t want to think he might do that to his own child and to her, but she is going to keep an eye on him, and not to leave the child alone. I have to say though that this is all quite new to me, and it seems like a very difficult and a sad situation. It is not that easy to find information on child abduction, I think more attention should be brought to this problem in media. I wish you all who are dealing with this strength and the best of luck, and I sincerely hope you will get your children back!
From julie / Posted: 04/11/2009
does this apply in turkey too can someone let me know ?
From lisa / Posted: 13/01/2010
julie///Google Turkish embassy and look on the site for info or call them

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