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EU Mediation Training Project - TIM

EU Mediation Training Project - TIM

Each year around 170,000 international couples file for divorce within the European Union, with many cases involving children.

In some of these cases the escalating conflict results in one parent abducting their child/children to another country and although there are instruments that exist to solve these cases legally, there is also a role for mediation to play in helping parents reach amicable solutions that in many instances can be achieved quicker and last longer.

In 2011 every European Union Member State implemented the European Directive 2008/52/EG concerning mediation in civil and commercial matters in cross border conflicts, including family mediation. At that time there was no harmonized European training with regard to international family mediation. In a project co-financed by the European Commission, MiKK (Mediation in International Conflicts involving Parents and Children) in cooperation with Child Focus, the Katholieke Universiteit van Leuven, and with the support of the Dutch Centre for International Child Abduction, created a training project for family mediation to tackle this problem.

Family mediation trainers from all 27 European Member States attended training in Brussels in February, March and April 2012. Sandra Fenn, reunite´s senior mediator, was one of the specialist mediators attending the training. These trainers can now continue to disseminate the the training model in their own country, with the aim of producing a unified approach to international family mediation.

The ultimate goal of the TIM project was to create a network of international family mediators in Europe who have the required specialist knowledge, skills and understanding of international judicial instruments to assist parents in finding realistic and workable solutions in these high conflict cases. This network was launched on 25th April 2012, and reunite is pleased to have been a part of this initiative.

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