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Expert Judges Network Launched

Expert Judges Network Launched

The launch of the network of Expert Judges on International Restitution of Children of the Argentine Republic took place on the 14th October in Buenos Aires.

In the warmth of the spring day of October 14th, the Network of Expert Judges on International Restitution of Children of the Argentine Republic was launched. The event was held at the Argentine Federation of Magistrates and Officers of the Judicial Branch, in Buenos Aires.
Present at the event were the Delegate General of The Hague Mr. William Duncan, Anne Marie Hutchinson O.B.E. on behalf of the International Bar Association Conference, the Liaison Officer for Latin America Mr. Ignacio Goicoechea, the President of the Magistrates Association of the City of Cordoba Mr. Victor Velez, the Secretary of the Argentine Federation of Magistrates and Officials Mr. Santiago Otamendi and the expert judges. As Liaison Judge, I made known the purpose of creating the network: to speed up the processes of international restitution of children and cross-border visiting regimes. I specified that in a country with such a vast territory as the Argentine Republic, in order to cover the different geographical points, it is indispensable for the judge having to resolve a matter of this kind to have an expert judge nearby, a member of the network, in order for him or her to give assistance and cooperation, thus providing greater celerity to the treatment of these applications. The Network of expert judges of the Argentine Republic, covering an area of 2,736,690 sq. km., is made up of twelve judges with a vocation for, and a commitment to training, including the main provinces of its territory from North to South and East to West. After that followed an address in Spanish by Mr. William Duncan, an effort that was greatly appreciated. I wish to thank him especially for having accompanied us. This is but the start of a project that will attempt to place the network in line with the main European networks in the matter. The ceremony closed with a toast.

Liaison Judge of the Argentine Republic