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Tomorrow Children

Tomorrow Children

Tomorrow Children is a charity based in Benin, West Africa, which battles against all forms of child exploitation. They desperately need donations of audio and visual equipment for their career development program. Can you help?


Created in 1989, TOMORROW CHILDREN is a national Non Government Organisation (NGO) based in Benin, West Africa, which aims to battle against all forms of child exploitation and especially the child and women trafficking trade. It has opened the centre for combating Child trade (trafficking), thanks to funding from the UN Voluntary Contributions Fund on modern slavery.


Faced with the magnitude of child trafficking in Benin, and especially in the region of Valley of Oueme, and to fight correctly against this phenomenon of child slavery, TOMORROW CHILDREN opened on April 16th 2008, the centre for combating child trade .
After their bad sojourn of slavery, children are dismissed to their parents who have no means to support them. It’s at this moment that our Centre, welcomes, accommodates, gives professional training, and helps reinsert victims of child trafficking back into society.


- Fight against child trade (trafficking)
- Offer new perspectives to victims of modern slavery welcoming, accommodation, professional formation, the generate incomes activities, and social reinsertion.


- Child trade prevention (sensibilisation)
- Welcoming (victims of child trade, orphans, abandoned children, street children, girls who are victims of early and forced marriage)
- Professional formation (photography, hairdressing)
- The revenues generating schemes - victims follow the formation in generate income activities (transformation of local products) which can allow them, after their familial reinsertion, to survive with this activities.


In order to improve the photography training, we would welcome any donation of equipment for our studio including:
- Professional photographic cameras
- Video cameras
- And other audio visual materials

If you can help in any way please contact:

Hector Gnonlonfin
BP 41 Dangbo, Benin, West Africa
Phone : 229 – 93- 17-76-86 / 98-26-35-24
Fax: 2229-21-25-25
Email :