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Azerbaijan gained independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991. Although the majority of the population are Muslims Azerbaijan is a secular state, as established in the 1995 Constitution.  The sources of law are the Constitution, legal acts adopted by referendum, laws, presidential decrees, resolutions of cabinet ministers and the by-laws of the central executive authorities.  According to Article 148 of the Constitution international treaties to which Azerbaijan is a party take precedence as a source of law over all domestic legislation except the Constitution.  A Family Code was introduced in 2000 and the Law on the Rights of the Child in 1998.

Available Information

•    reunite’s Summary Text for Azerbaijan

Legal Texts

•    Constitution 1995

•    Civil Code (Russian)

•    Family Code (Russian)
•    Law on Citizenship (Russian)

•    Decree Enforcing the Law on Citizenship (Russian)

•    Law of the Azerbaijan Republic on the Rights of the Child (Russian)

•    Decree Enforcing the Law on Child Rights (Russian)

•    Criminal Code 2000

•    Amendments Azerbaijan Criminal Procedural Code


•    UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Report 1996.


•    Azerbaijan Litigation Guide, Mikayil Jabbarov, International Financial Law Review Directory (2001)

•    A Guide to the Republic of Azerbaijan Law Research, Fakhri Akperov Gudrat

•    Family Law in the Republic of Azerbaijan, M. Damirchieva, International Survey of Family Law 2005