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According to the 1997 Constitution of The Republic of The Gambia the sources of law in Gambia include: Acts of the National Assembly made under the Constitution, orders, regulations or other subsidiary legislation made by a person or authority according to the power invested in them by the Constitution.  In addition to the existing laws, common law, principles of equity and customary law are also sources of law.  The Sharia provides the basis  for laws applied in the marriage divorce and inheritance matters of the Muslim community.

There is no State religion, but the majority of the population of The Gambia are Muslims of the Malaki School of Islamic jurisprudence.  There is also a Christian minority and a small minority that follow indigenous religions.

Available Information

•    reunite’s Summary Text for Gambia

Legal Texts

•    Foreign Judgements Reciprocal Enforcement Act, No.6 1936, Cap 8:06.

•    Civil Marriage Act 1938.

•    Maintenance of Children Act, Law 11 1988.

•    Law on Christian Marriage Cap. 41:03

•    Foreign Judgements Reciprocal Enforcement Act 6 of1936 Cap. 8:06.

•    Mohammedan Marriage and Divorce Act 1 of 1941 Cap. 42

•    Matrimonial Causes Act 16 of 1986 Cap. 43

•    Maintenance of Children Act 11 of 1986 Cap. 44:03


•    Convention on the Rights of the Child Report 1999


•    Summary of Family Law (Emory Project)


Convention on the Rights of the Child Report 1997