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The Kuwaiti legal system has been influenced by a mixture of English common law, French civil law, Islamic principles and Egyptian law.  Article 2 of the Constitution of 1962 reads that Islam is the religion of the State and that the Sharia is a main source of legislation. Other sources of law include legislation, custom and the principles of the law of nature and rules of justice.  Article 1 (2) of the Civil Code states that in the absence of sufficient legislative provision a matter should be resolved according to custom and then Islamic jurisprudence. The Kuwaiti Personal Status Law (KPSL) was introduced by law No.51 in 1984.
The majority of the Kuwaiti population are Sunni Muslims following the Malaki School of law.  There is a significant Shia Jaafari minority and also communities of Christians.   

Available Information

reunite´s Summary Text for Kuwait 
Legal Texts

•    Constitution 1962

•    Kuwaiti Personal Status Law 1984 (Arabic)

•    Unofficial Translation of Extract of the Kuwaiti Personal Status Law 1984


•    Convention on the Rights of the Child Report 1996


•    Summary International Parental Child Abduction (US State Dept.)

•    Family Law Summary (Emory Project)

•    Summary of the Judiciary (POGAR)

•    Summary of the Judiciary (Infoprod)

•    Summary of Judicial Structures, Nathan J. Brown