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Article 1 of the 1993 Constitution establishes Kyrgyzstan as a secular, democratic republic.  Article 12 states that the Constitution shall have the superior juridical force and laws and other normative acts shall be adopted on the basis of the Constitution. International treaties that have been ratified by the Kyrgyz Republic are considered to be a constituent and directly applicable part of the legislation of Kyrgyzstan.  A draft Family Code was produced in 2002.  This text was written assuming this draft was promulgated, however we have no confirmation of this at present.

The majority of the population of Kyrgyzstan are Muslim with a significant Russian Orthodox minority.

Available Information

reunite´s Summary Text for Kyrgystan 
Legal Texts

•    Constitution

•    Family Law Code 2000 (draft)


•    Convention on the Rights of the Child Report 1999

•    Report on the Status of Women, UNDP

•    Local Institutions that Enforce Customary Law in the Kyrgyz Republic and  their Impact on Women’s Rights, Agriculture and Rural Development e-Paper, Renee Giovarelli and Cholpon Akmatova, 2002.

•    An Investigation into the Status of Women’s Rights in Kyrgyzstan,  
     The Kyrgyz Committee for Human Rights, September 2000.