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Mauritania is an Islamic Republic and Article 5 of the Constitution of 1991 establishes that Islam is the State religion.  Islamic law has had a significant influence in the shaping of the legal system, although civil law has also contributed to Mauritanian law and French codes dominated prior to 1980 when an Islamic Code was introduced to govern civil matters.  Law 2001-052 of 19th July 2001 regarding personal status was introduced to govern marriage, divorce and custody.
The majority of the population of Mauritania are Muslims and the Maliki School of jurisprudence has the most influence.

Available Information

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Legal Texts

•    Constitution 1991

•    Law No. 2001-052 of 19th July 2001 Regarding Personal Status (French)

•    Law No. 2001-052 of 19th July 2001 Regarding Personal Status, Extract (unofficial translation)

•    Law No.99-035 of 24th July 1999 the Code of Civil, Commercial and Administrative Procedure (French)  

•    Law 99-039 24th July 1999 on the Structure of the Judiciary (French)

•    Criminal Code Law 83.162 of1983 (French)

•    Unofficial Translation of Criminal Code Law 83.162 of1983 Extract

•    Loi No. 2003-025 portant repression de la traite des personnes (French)

•    Unofficial Translation of Law 2003-025 on the Repression of the Trade of Persons


•    Convention on the Rights of the Child Report 2000

•    Project on Criminal Provisions Protecting Children, Mauritanian Ministry of Justice, August 2002. (French)  (see paper file)


•    Tribune de L’Enfance (NGO Publication) October 2004 (French)

•    Tribune de L’Enfance (NGO Publication) November 2004 (French)