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Mediation Service 

reunite offers a specialist mediation service where, with the help of our experienced, impartial mediators, parents are able to make informed decisions and reach workable solutions that are acceptable to them both and which are focused on the best interests of their child.  

Typically we offer mediation in cases of: 

*  International parental child abduction/wrongful
   retention - involving both Member States of the
   1980 Hague Convention and non-Hague 
   Convention States; 

*  Prevention of abduction - where a family is
   separating and there are links with another

* Contact across international borders; 

*  Relocation - where one parent wishes to 
   reside with their child in a different country.  

We understand the difficult issues surrounding international parental child abduction and whether your client´s child has been abducted, or your client is defending an allegation of child abduction, it will be a highly emotional and stressful time for all concerned. With the assistance of our specialist mediators, who are familiar with international children´s cases, mediation can offer the opportunity to consider all the options and it is possible that a realistic and practical solution can be reached which would remove the need for further court proceedings.  In the words of one parent who participated in mediation:

"It avoids a courtroom battle, which in this type of situation only gets you to a no win situation." 

We are aware of the main difficulties faced during a relationship breakdown when parents are, or are going to be, living in different countries. Again, mediation can offer the opportunity to consider all the options and ensure the child maintains a positive relationship with both parents and the extended family.  

Typical matters considered within mediation are:  
  • the emotional needs of the child
  • country of habitual residence
  • parental responsibility            
  • a schedule for contact between the child and non-resident parent
  • travel arrangements for contact
  • exchange of information regarding the child´s education and wellbeing
The fee for mediation is £1,500 for up to three 3-hour mediation sessions - £750 to be paid by each parent.  However, we do hold a full Public Funding Franchise from the Legal Services Commission, and so if a parent is eligible for legal aid then there will be no cost to the parent for mediation as it will be covered by the Legal Services Commission.    
We also have video conferencing equipment in our office in Leicester.  Therefore, if either parent is unable to travel to the UK to participate in mediation in person, we´re able to undertake the mediation by video conference.
Research shows that if parents have been directly involved in the decision-making process, agreements are more likely to be honoured.  Also, the future relationship between two parents can be more co-operative, thus reducing conflict or potential trauma for children and the family as a whole.

For further information on reunite´s mediation service please view the mediation information leaflet or contact us on 0116 2555 345.

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