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Nigeria is a federation of 36 States, according to the Constitution of 1999.  The Nigerian system is based on English common law, Islamic law and customary law.  Nigeria is approximately 50% Muslim and the main school of Islamic law is Malaki.  Around 40% of the population are Christian and 10% practise traditional or no religion. However, Part 2.10 of the 1999 Constitution reads that neither the Federation nor any State may adopt an official religion.

Available Information

reunite´s Summary Text for Nigeria 
Legal Texts

•    Children’s and Young Persons Act 1958 Cap. 485 (Extract)

•    Matrimonial Causes Act 1970 Cap. 220

•    Criminal Code Act Cap.77 (extract)

•    Constitution 1999


•    Convention on  the Rights of the Child Report Report


•    Paper, Benefits of Shariah and Challenges of Reclaiming a Heritage, Prof. Auwalu Hamisu Yadudu, Faculty of Law, Bayero University, Kano, 2001.
•    Family Law Summary (Emory)