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International Parental Child Abduction - Frequently Asked Questions

What is international parental child abduction?

The removal or retention of a child across an international border by one parent, which is either in contravention of a court order or is without the consent of the other parent (or person who has parental rights).

Is it a criminal offence for one parent to abduct a child?

In most circumstances, yes.  You should contact your local Police Station.

My child has been taken abroad.  Is there anything I can do?

In most circumstances – yes.  If the country to which your child has been taken is a member of one of the international child abduction conventions, there will be immediate steps you can take.  Contact a solicitor and contact reunite.



How can I prevent my child from being abducted?

There are steps you can take.  For example, you can obtain a court order, prevent a passport being issued and, in urgent situations, request an All Ports Warning.  Contact the reunite advice line and contact a solicitor.

I have brought my children to this country and I am now being accused of child abduction.  Can you help?

reunite provides neutral advice and information to all persons involved in child abduction mattersA person facing child abduction allegations requires specialist and urgent assistance and reunite will ensure that this is given.

My children were abducted many years ago and I need someone to talk to.  Can you help?

will always speak to any person involved in child abduction and will offer all the support and assistance it can.