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Child Abduction Prevention Guides

reunite has produced a Child Abduction Prevention Guide which provides clear and concise information and practical steps to take if you fear your child is at risk of being abducted.  The Guide also assists you in gathering together information relating to your children, as well as information which may be required in the event of an abduction.
Some of the information may be required by your local police force so that details of your child can be circulated, if necessary, which may prevent them leaving the country without your permission.
Some of the information may be required by others, such as your solicitor, so that if your children are removed from the country they may hopefully be returned to you.
Please take your time in reading all the information in the Guide and if you are in doubt as to what is required of you, contact the reunite advice line or ask your solicitor.
A Child Abduction Prevention Guide is available for parents based in England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Greece and SpainThe documents are all in downloadable PDF format  and can be accessed by clicking on the link on the left.