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Senegal gained independence from France in 1960 and has a mainly secular legal system, having been influenced by French civil law.  Article 1 of the Constitution of 1963 reads that Senegal is a secular State. Prior to the promulgation of a Family Code in 1972, personal status had been governed by Islamic law and custom.  Islamic law continues to govern Muslim inheritance and has had an impact on Senegalese law.  In practise, customary law also retains a significant influence.

The majority of the population are Maliki Muslims.  A minority of the population follow Christianity or indigenous religions.

Available Information

reunite´s Summary Text for Senegal 
Legal Texts

•    Constitution

•    Family Code (French)  (see paper file)

•    Unofficial Translation of Extract of Family Code


•    Convention on the Rights of the Child Report, 1994


•    Senegal Court Information

•    Islamic Law Summary (Emory)