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The modern Syrian legal system has been influenced by French civil law, Egyptian law and Islamic law.  Syria has a majority Muslim population and the dominant school of Islamic jurisprudence is Hanafi.  There are Muslim minority communities including the Jaafaris, Druze, Ismailis and Alawis. There are several Christian denominations and a small Jewish community. Article 3(2) of the 1973 Constitution reads that Islamic jurisprudence is a main source of legislation.
The Syrian Law of Personal Status (SLPS) was established in 1953 replacing the Ottoman Law of Personal Status.  Article 305 of the Syrian Law establishes Hanafi jurisprudence as a residuary source of law.  The SLPS was amended by Law 34 of 1975.

Available Information

reunite´s Summary Text for Syria 
Legal Texts

•    Constitution 1973

•    Personal Status Law (Arabic)

•    Personal Status Law Unofficial Translation (extracts)

•    Extracts of Christian Personal Status Laws (Arabic)


•    Family Law Summary (Emory Project)

•    Information on Judiciary (Infoprod)

•    Information on Judiciary (POGAR)

•    Information on Judiciary (US Library of Congress)

•    International Parental Child Abduction (US State Department)

•    Judicial Structures, Nathan Brown, POGAR.