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Uzbekistan was formerly part of the USSR and gained independence in 1991.  Consequently, the legal system has been significantly influenced by Soviet legal traditions. Family law in Uzbekistan is considered to be a sub-branch of civil law and is governed primarily by the Family Law Code of 1998, as amended.  This code is not based on the Sharia. The 1992 constitution does not specify a State religion, although the majority of the population are Muslim with a significant Christian minority.
Karakalpakstan is a sovereign republic constituting a part of the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Available Information

reunite´s Summary Text for Uzbekistan 
Legal Texts

•    Constitution 1992

•    Family Code (Russian)

•    Citizenship Law 1992

•    Civil Code 1995 (Extract)


•    Convention on the Rights of the Child Report


•    International Parental Child Abduction Summary (US State Dept)

•    Summary of Judicial Structures, Nathan J. Brown