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reunite undertakes research into issues of concern to those who use reunite´s services and also areas of research which will make a useful contribution to the debate surrounding the manner in which abduction matters are dealt with.  

Our most recent research project, undertaken in collaboration with Professor Trevor Buck of De Montfort University, and published in June of this year, has evaluated the long-term effectiveness of mediation in cases of international parental child abduction.  For a number of years now reunite has offered a mediation service in cases of cross-border family disputes involving children, and this service has developed into one of the organisations core activities.  This research considered whether the agreements reached in mediation had proved, over time, to be ´successful´ and enabled the children, caught up in the middle of the conflict, to maintain a meaningful relationship with both parents.  The key findings, and also the full report, can be read in full by clicking on the link on the left.         

Research on the issue of leave to permanently remove children from the jurisdiction, another area of intense concern to those who consult reunite, was completed in 2009 and the findings can be read in full by clicking the link on the left.

We have also carried out research projects both into what happens once a child has been returned following an abduction, and the effects of abduction on all those who have been through an abduction experience. We are aware of the importance of these matters for the children themselves, and the need for their voices to be heard about these issues, and are very pleased, therefore, to have been able to include them within our research structure.   

We greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions and, as always, your invaluable support for our work.