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    This Forum is a space for parents to talk about their experiences and support each other. It is intended to be a safe, positive space where parents feel they can share their thoughts and feeling without being subject to judgement or abuse. We appreciate that these are very sensitive situations, so we have a number of ground rules we ask you to abide by:

    Ongoing Court Proceedings

    If you have a case ongoing in the Family Courts of England & Wales there are specific rules about who you can talk to about your case. Because of this, you cannot post in this forum information about any ongoing court proceedings in the UK. If you do this may impact your case.

    For more information, and to understand why these rules are in place, please have a look at the guidance provided by the Family Courts at

    The law will vary from country to country, so even if your case is not being heard in the courts of England & Wales we ask you not to post the specifics of your court case on this forum to avoid inadvertently breaking the law of the country your case is being heard in.

    If you would like some advice about your case then please contact our advice line directly on – this is allowed as we will be having a private, confidential conversation with you.

    Appropriate Content
    • Do not share any of your personal information, or the personal information of anyone else on this forum – this is a public site, so any information you share can be accessed by anyone.
    • Do not include the names of any individuals in your posts or comments – whether that be your child, your child’s other parent, your solicitor or barrister, or the judge deciding your case.
    • Do not post any criticism or comment on the performance of judges, solicitors, barristers, welfare officers, Cafcass Officers, Social Workers or court staff.
    • Do not post anything illegal.
    • Do not post anything false, misleading or defamatory.
    • Do not post anything obscene or sexual.
    • Do not post anything that is offensive or derogatory. This includes, but is not limited to, comments that could be construed as being racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, anti-semitic or derogatory on the grounds of a person’s religious beliefs.
    • Do not post anything that can be construed as abusive or threatening to another user of the site.
    • Please stick to topics related to the international movement of children.
    • All posts are to be written in English so that they can be appropriately moderated.
    • Do not include links to external websites in the comments.
    • Do not post any advertisement or promotion on this forum.

    This forum is designed to be a genuine, positive space, so do not impersonate or claim to be anyone other than yourself. This includes claiming experiences, professional qualifications and knowledge you do not have. For example, do not claim to be a family lawyer if you are not qualified.

    Right to Remove Content and Block Users

    Any posts or comments that do not stick to these rules will be removed or amended. Any posts and comments that are not in this spirit will be removed. We will always air on the side of caution and delete anything we do not feel is appropriate, and will delete the entire post rather than just the offending sentence. If your post is removed do not post the same offending content again.

    If you continually break the rules we reserve the right to remove your ability to make comments on the forum, or ban you all together.

    Consent to be Contacted by reunite

    If you post on our forum and we believe our advice line team is in the best position to advice you, we will reach out to you using the information provided when you signed up to the forum. By signing up to the forum you consent to being contacted by reunite staff in relation to your post – whether this be by the advice line or administration teams.

    Concerns and Complaints

    If you see anything on the forum that concerns you, please let us know by calling +44 (0)116 255 5345 or emailing us at

    We are not responsible for anything posted on the forum. We will do our best to remove inappropriate posts as quickly as possible. If a post or comment remains on the forum this does not mean that we endorse it.

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