The incredible impact that the work of reunite has had on my life and is currently having on the lives of many children inspired me to raise over £1000 for them and run in the Paris Half Marathon. The personal encounter I have had with the charity and the dedication of their team, as well as the support they provide to families who are experiencing the horrific traumas of Parent-Child abduction is incredible.

Since a child, I had a dream of running for reunite due to my personal story with them. I knew I had already signed up to the half marathon earlier in 2019 and thought why not raise money and run in my dream city in the world! I had 3 month to train which was in those gruelling winter months with very challenging, harsh conditions.

My routine, that included 1 long run, 1 short run, 1 medium run and 1 rest run per week! Then in between I tried to make sure I did yoga, ballet and other sports.  As a regular runner I never found the training too exhausting but definitely having the motivation of running for a great caused helped me get through those 5 am mornings. On the lead up to the half marathon which was taking place in March there were talks of Coronavirus which was worrying. But still it seemed as if the race would continue and I set off on the weekend to Paris.

Exciting nearer the start of the date the donations came rolling in, which was just incredible for me. Unfortunately however, just 12 hours before the race the organisers decided to cancel the race due to fears of COVID-19. Even though the whole situation was heart-breaking at the end of the day the money goes towards an amazing cause and to help families as well as children in great difficulty.

Even though I was unable to run this year, I know that next year when I am able to run it will feel amazing. See you in the 2021 half marathon and thank you reunite!